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Part-time MBA programs, Part time MBA course,Part time MBA in Delhi,MumbaiPart-time MBA programs took off in the late 1970's, due in part to a well-publicized study by Agnello and Hunt (1977) that discussed the financial benefits of attending business school on a part-time basis.

The conclusion reached was that the "part-time MBA degree yields a clearly higher rate of return than the full-time MBA degree". Schneider indicates that part-time MBA study is still a "compelling option for anyone who believes he or she can benefit from an MBA but who can't afford to forfeit 2 years of steady paychecks or miss opportunities at work" . Still another bonus for part-timers occurred when their employers were willing to foot the bill. Many companies in the 1980's began to adopt tuition reimbursement policies for employees who wanted to study business. They found that these plans were "popular among the employee-students and beneficial for the companies" .

This educational benefit allowed employees to attend school virtually risk-free. This policy is still quite popular today, especially with larger corporations and MNC’s in India. However, if there is an economic downturn, the tuition benefit may be reduced. Even at some of the larger firms, education may be one of the first benefits to go when there are cost cuts. Still, the part time MBA graduate has reduced their financial risk substantially by maintaining employment while attending school. A recent post on social website reports that full-time MBA students sacrifice more than Rs 6 Lacs per year while part-timers lose much less, about Rs 1.75 Lacs. With the MBA credential in hand, whether the route is full time or part time, the business graduate is then poised to contribute to the intellectual capital of the employing firm.

Now whether you are planning to undertake Part Time MBA in Delhi or Part time MBA in Mumbai, we shall support and provide the much needed support to you for completing your MBA well in time and reduce the economic burden and risk.

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