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Part Time MBA – Unique earn and learn opportunity for students

Part time MBA is gaining significance these days. There are many institutes offering part time MBA nowadays. Part time MBA is suitable for the ones who are professionals and working somewhere. So they prefer to pursue part time MBA and work at the same time. Most people opting for a part time are of the opinion that getting an MBA degree would strengthen their resume and which is true to a certain extent. Working would provide them job experience and an MBA degree would provide them with the exposure. But part time MBA is not just about the degree and has much more to offer. With the passage of time more and more people are opting for part time MBA as they have realized that practical experience is much more important than confining one’s knowledge to theory only. As far as job prospects are concerned, a part time MBA is always of a big help as companies are always willing to accept those with an MBA along with substantial work experience.

Generally most of the institutions offering a part time MBA are AICTE approved. But then both the affiliation and certification as well the eligibility criteria varies from institute to institute. The admission process, however, starts with the percentile obtained in the various management entrance examinations though individual cut offs are set by the respective institute. This is then followed by a Group Discussion and Personal Interview. Most of the institutes offering part time MBA want a 2 to 3 years of work experience, which forms a mandatory criterion.

Generally people who pursue part time MBA finance their own course. This makes sense since most of the aspirants are already into jobs. There are many institutions offering part time MBA at reasonable course fee these days. A part time MBA can range between Rs. 1 lakh and 5 lakhs depending on the institute, its brand name, its infrastructure and its location. The money is payable on a per semester basis. The payment of the course fee depends on the institute and its policies.

Generally classes are held on the weekends. For some institutions classes are held thrice a week on every alternative weekday. For every institutions offering part time MBA classes are held in the evening, after 6. As people who opt for part time MBA are generally office going professionals and for them after 6 classes are apt. Again there are many firms that have offs on Saturdays and Sundays and for them classes on weekends only. Students opting for part time MBA generally choose institutions which allows them to work and study simultaneously.

Over these years part time has gained recognition when more and more people are opting for part time MBA. Part time MBA programs are not mere programs that are only about the degree conferred on the students. Now part time MBA programs are competing to keep pace with that of the full time MBA programs by retaining the rigorous aspects of regular program through various application based programs. Quite akin to full time MBA, part time MBA has come up with on-the-job trainings, projects and internships. Some institutes come up with different training programs like programs on business strategy and performance analysis and different modules. The exposure that a part time MBA gives is also vast. As the candidates are already experienced it becomes much easier for them to assimilate the knowledge and strengthen their skills. While a full time MBA course is for two years, most part time MBA courses require three years for completion.

Attendance is mandatory in a part time MBA institution. Generally 75% attendance is required. Some institutes are lenient while some are strict when it comes to attendance. Some of the institutes are strict about their attendance to the extent that they may even debar the candidates from appearing for the examination if there is any shortfall in the attendance. However all these mandates depend on the policies of the respective institutions.

Placement is another important concern when it comes to a part time MBA. Previously part time MBA did not use to provide placements but now they come up with good placements as well. Many of them have gone to the extent of ensuring that they provide 100% placements. Many institutions offering part time MBA degrees give good placements when it comes to marketing and finance major. Some institutes provide placement in the metropolitans and even overseas placements are not unheard of. They offer lucrative packages which depend on the industry standards. This obviously adds yet another feather in the cap of the institution of part time MBA.

But the most important facet of a part time MBA is obviously the fact that most students have work experience and are still working while pursuing the course. This is one unique feature about this particular course since most premier Executive MBA programs are residential and full time courses. But what is special about part time MBA is that both job and studies go on simultaneously. This has the advantage of understanding the concepts better and even applying them on their jobs. This apart, a part time MBA also provides the opportunity to students to gain invaluable insight into the techniques of management and practice them almost as soon as they learn them.

Part time MBA courses have already gained ground these days. But many of these are distance education courses. Even some of these pledge placement assistance thereby promoting the degree to a new level altogether. It is ideal for people who cannot afford to leave their jobs and pursue further studies. At the same time, this opportunity gives the students to further them towards the attainment of their goals and provides a much needed boost to their careers.

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