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Institutions offering Executive MBA: A new dimension for working professionals

MBA is surely one of the most popular courses across the continents for the past couple of years and the trend is likely to continue. In today’s world of specialization, even an MBA is coming with a large number of variants. Not only in terms of specializations offered, the modes of studying have also become typically diverse in this particular domain. Given the huge demand of management professionals in any industry, institutes are coming up with various flexible options for various segments of management aspirants. One of those immensely popular variants available to students is the Executive MBA Program. This particular type of MBA is being conducted by most of the premier B schools of the country keeping in mind the segment of students who are either into jobs or leave their jobs in midway of their careers for further studies with the aim of betterment of the careers on completion of the course. More and more individuals are opting for these courses and not without reason. These courses are power packed and come with great placements as well. The rigour involved in these courses are no less than the regular MBA and what’s more is that the students are finding it easier to assimilate the tools and techniques taught during the course since many of them have already experienced similar aspects while on job. Furthermore, it is also easier for them to correlate with real time situation that many of them have faced and therefore these students are faring pretty well too.

 Executive MBA,Executive MBA Courses,Executive MBA in IndiaOf the various institutions offering an executive MBA program, many are truly world class. The admission criteria are kept at par with or even better than regular MBA programs and serious candidates with exceptionally good profiles are joining these courses. Though the eligibility criteria for these courses vary from institution to institution, most of these require a few years of industry experience preferably in managerial capacity. In addition to that, aspirants have to clear the written examinations as well as Group Discussion and Personal Interview rounds. So the process followed for admission to these courses are almost akin to regular MBA programs though the questions asked during the interviews tend more towards the experience the candidate has. The institutes stress on relevant experience for executive MBA programs and see to it that the aspirants have profiles that involve managerial jobs.

Institutions offering executive MBA programs seek candidates who want to either envisage betterment of their careers or want to diversify after a certain point in their careers. As already mentioned, the courseware is at times even better than the regular programs, the tenure is often extremely rigorous. Many of these programs demand that the student leaves the job and joins a full time course which is often a residential program. But many institutes have made the duration only one year and that is considered a major difference between the regular program and the executive program. Also, as far as the placements are concerned, the companies look forward to experienced candidates and often the packages offered are very high and the jobs are of middle management level. This has given an extra edge to candidates pursuing executive MBA programs. This has also turned out to be a major reason why more and more candidates with promising careers are leaving their jobs and joining such executive courses.

The course curriculum offered by the various institutions carrying out such executive MBA courses also tends to take into consideration these aspects in mind. So, apart from keeping the duration of the course only for one year, these institutions have ensured that the curriculum is designed very meticulously and is different from regular programs. The skill sets imparted, or the knowledge shared also vary and cater exclusively to this particular segment of students who have already secured considerable experience in the corporate sector. The examinations are application based and envisage that the course will help create managers who are already in the know of things as far as basic managerial skills are concerned. Since most of these aspirants have already proved their worth, understanding these concepts also becomes very easy.

Contrary to the most premier B schools, there are many courses are non residential and can be done even while one is on the job. These classes are either conducted in the evenings or at weekends. This is also a very feasible option for people who cannot afford to leave their jobs and take up further education. With the advent and subsequent proliferation of distance education and other correspondence courses, executive MBA programs are also being included in these modes. But the value is obviously given to aspirants who do a regular classroom course certainly because of the rigour involved.

Lastly it can very well be said that executive MBA programs have gained ground in the country due to multiple reasons. Most professionals see it as an option as viable as a regular MBA program where the means may be different but are same in terms of value addition. So this has ensured a huge number of enrollments in these programs. The institutions are also doing their part and have come up with various modules, specializations and variants that cater to all sorts of professionals aspiring for higher education in management. Since the value is at times even more than regular programs, professionals are also increasingly exhibiting their faith in these courses. But then, with so many courses available, one should always take the care to understand properly the particulars of the course and find the fit between one’s personal needs, aspirations, aim and ambition as well as what the course is offering. This will help them gain further insight into which particular course will suit better for him/her. With so many options available and such options for value addition, even the best of students are thinking of pursuing management the executive way only.

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