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ELK MBA offers this unique and one of its kind concept of MBA assistant.

Who is a MBA Assistant?

MBA Assistant is a software developed indigenously by ELK MBA to help MBA students at all stress points during the MBA course. This software stores in all the information pertaining to you and finds out the probable stress points for you in the MBA program. For example, an engineer will have a stress point for managerial accounting subject or a commerce graduate might struggle with the term projects or presentations. MBA assistant software stores all this information and recommends the right solution to you at the right time. When you start up with the first semester, it tells you what portion of the syllabus is most important and pattern of earlier examinations and similar other details

What does the MBA Assistant do for you?

Provides reminders to you for your administrative work during the MBA.

Whether it is your scheduled industry visits or your term papers or your assignment submissions, all reminders are sent to you in advance.

MBA assistant helps you in finding out the right content. It recommends books, notes and other material which can be useful for effective learning.

Many students get stressed out at assignments and projects, however, timely and consistent work can work as very effective tools in overcoming such barriers. MBA Assistant forms a plan chart for you.

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