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 Executive MBA,Executive MBA Courses,Executive MBA in IndiaImprovement of organisational effectiveness has been identified as one of the prime reasons of Executive MBA. Because of the influence of leadership on organisational effectiveness and the potential leverage presented by improvement in the performance of key managers, management development is an important aspect of executive management education in India. This process involves internal educational programs and developmental activities internal to the organisation and further courses of new age management education.

Executive MBA is the need of hour in India with little workforce adept to take on the challenges of globally competitive work space. Offering through colleges and universities include non credit programs and seminars, generally ranging for executive participants from four to 60 weeks in duration. The compact version of such programs offer specialised and custom made executive education in particular fields of management leading into the full course of Executive MBA.

Executive MBA in India is offered by a number of Institutes and under various corporate and open enrolment programs. It is a tough task to identify the best fit Executive MBA Program in India which can suit your growth and learning needs while taking improving your organisational performance. Further, a lot of times the challenge is to balance the course with the existing job which can be demanding and can take a toll on health.

ELK MBA Offers expert counselling on the above issues. Whether you are a HR Manager or VP Finance or a shop floor manager, we find out the right course for you which will enhance your market value as an employee. Following are some of the features of Executive MBA programs being offered in India:

Program provides a peer group, or cohort, experience for its students; members of each class begin the program at the same point, move through courses together, and typically complete the requirements as a group.

Curriculum is predominantly lockstep; courses are prescribed or selected by class from limited options.

Students are practising managers of several years’ professional career experience who maintain full time managerial responsibilities while completing the program.

Most programs award a PGDBM degree while some offer a MBA degree.

At some occasions, students can get sponsorship of employers for the executive MBA program while now the trend is to do the executive MBA by own finances to avoid hassles of entering a time bond with the employer.

Now, whether you are a full time bank manager and looking to pursue the Best Executive MBA Program in India or you want to choose from Executive MBA in New Delhi options to that of Executive MBA in Mumbai options, we take you to the right trajectory to take an informed decision. The following programs are some of the popular options for full time employees with over 3 three years of work experience who look for Executive MBA:

Executive MBA in Pune

Executive MBA in Delhi

Executive MBA in Bangalore

Executive MBA in Mumbai

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